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Thailand features a number of rivers that are the lifeblood of Thailand’s agricultural economy as well as important areas for wildlife and numerous species of fish. Most Thai cities of historical importance, including Ayutthaya and Bangkok were built on rivers. Consequently, Thailand’s rivers make excellent sightseeing attractions, with dinner cruises one of many popular ways to enjoy Thailand’s fascinating and beautiful waterways. In Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River and the canals that link various areas of the city are popular with both locals for getting from A to B and tourists who enjoy the sights and attractions located along these interesting waterways.

Highlight Attractions in Thailand
Doi Tao Lake

  This pristine lake is located 133 kilometers away from Chiang Mai town on Chiang Mai-Hot-Doi Tao route. The lake offers selections of recreational opportunities such as rafting and cruising around for sightse...

Mae Ngud Somboon Chon Dam

Mae Ngud Somboon Chon DamMae Ngud Somboon Chon Dam is in the area of responsibility of Si Lanna National Park, which is located on the bank of Mae Ngud, a branch of Mae Ping River, Tambon Cho Lae, Amphoe Mae Teang, Chian...

Chiang Saen Lake

This vast, scenic lake is home to large flock of migratory waterfowls which they are most seen around November to February. There are also the accommodation and water sports available for those who are looking for a natu...

Vajiralongkorn Dam

Formerly known as Khao Laem Dam, Vajiralongkorn Dam is one of major dams in Thailand. It is a rockfill dam made of reinforced concrete, measured 92 metres high, 10-metre-wide weir and stretch 1,019 metres across the Khwa...

Srinagarind Dam

Srinagarindra Dam is the largest rockfill-with-clay-core dam in Thailand. It is built to serve as basin to collect flood water during the flood season, generate water-power electricity and supply water for agriculture an...