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Bo bland lokalbefolkningen

Upplev den thailändska kulturen genom att utforska lokala kvarter där lokalbefolkningen handlar, äter och firar högtider på sitt eget unika sätt. Förorter och lantliga thailändska samhällen har behållit många traditioner som har blivit intressanta turistattraktioner medan andra helt enkelt är intressanta att beskåda.

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Japanese Village

Japanese Village is situated in Ko Rein sub-district, Ayutthaya Province. In the past, it was a compound of the Japanese, who had settled down and earned a living since Ayutthaya period. Dating back to the late 16th cen...

Mu Ban Protuket

Portuguese Village is situated in Sampao Lom sub-district, on the west bank of Chao Phraya River southward to the center of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. It is a historical and cultural tourist attraction presenting...

Handicrafted Aranyik Knife Villages

Aranyik Village is located in village number 6 and 7, Ta Chang sub-district, Nakhon Luang district, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. The territory of Aranyik Village is actually including two villages; Ban Ton Pho and ...

The City Pillar Shrine

Bangkok City Pillar Shrine was built during the establishment of the Rattanakosin Kingdom as the new capital city. According to the Brahmans’ traditional ceremony, before the establishment of the capital city, ther...

Traditional Cotton Woven Village

Traditional Cotton Woven Village is located 3 kilometers from Mae Chaem District in Tambon Tha Pha where about 150 households produce the distinctive cotton. Every house owns a weaving machine or loom on their basement. ...