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Bo bland lokalbefolkningen

Upplev den thailändska kulturen genom att utforska lokala kvarter där lokalbefolkningen handlar, äter och firar högtider på sitt eget unika sätt. Förorter och lantliga thailändska samhällen har behållit många traditioner som har blivit intressanta turistattraktioner medan andra helt enkelt är intressanta att beskåda.

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Japanese Village

The memorial area is set on the premise where Japanese merchants once lived when started to settle down in Thailand in late 16th century during the Ayutthaya kingdom. One of the leaders is Nagamaza Yamada, who was favore...

The City Pillar Shrine

Right opposite the northeastern corner of the Grand Palace complex finds the sacred Bangkok City Pillar Shrine. According to the ancient Siamese (Thai) belief, a city pillar needs to be installed upon the establishment o...

Traditional Cotton Woven Village

Recommended for textile lovers. Traditional Cotton Woven Village, located 3 kilometres from Mae Chaem District Office, is a major producer of northern unique style Sarong made of cotton. Nowadays, techniques and colors a...

Ban Rai Phai Ngam

Located between KM 69 to 50 along Chiang Mai-Hot route, the village is 1 kilometre further after making a left turn. Best known for its high quality traditional cotton woven, it is recommended that you visit the museum o...

San Kamphaeng

San Kamphaeng is a village in Chiang Mai, located 13 kilometres east of Chiang Mai town, best known for its Lanna-style silk and cotton products. A visit to San Kamphang lets you explore an array of beautiful handmade te...