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If you’re one of those persons who pride themselves on their bargaining and negotiating skills, Thailand is the place to seriously hone those skills.What’s more, once the deal is done, you will often be complimented on driving a hard bargain.The fact is that if you don’t even make an attempt to bring down the price, you’ll be essentially driving up the price for those who follow in your wake.The starting price is not the selling price, outside of department stores. 

And what’s more, there is no shortage of places to seek those special bargains, from walking streets to night markets.You’d be well-advised to avoid the malls, shopping centers, and department stores as much as possible during your stay.Many of those items can be found where you come from; it’s on the streets and in the markets where you’ll find not only the low-cost curios and gifts, but the most amazing deals.

A curious feature of shopping in Thailand is that one hardly needs to leave the street and enter the mall, shopping center, or store.

If the street shopping is still not cheap enough for you, you’ll need to get outside the tourist areas a bit, wear your older clothes to look less prosperous, and put on your bargaining hat.