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Luxury Travel in Thailand

Whether you like to laze by the beach, sip a sunset cocktail on a sky bar or a lounge in a boutique hotel, Thailand has the best of everything.

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai, and from Phuket to Hua Hin, Thailand is prepared for those who like the finer things in life. Thailand has a long tradition of warm hospitality and this is particularly evident in the Kingdom’s finest luxury destinations.

When it comes to luxury, Thailand can boast some of the world’s finest restaurants, spas and shopping centres. Five-star hotels can be found in every major city, ensuring guests can explore this amazing Kingdom in style.

For those who like fine dining, Thailand has some exquisite cuisine. Bangkok especially is famed for its enormous range of eateries. Thailand is renowned for its spectacular food, from its white-hot chili dishes to its fresh seafood, a huge part of any trip here involves sampling the local delicacies. If you wish to do it in style, there are plenty of top-class restaurants offering silver service and superb local and international dishes. Islands such as Phuket have fresh and tasty seafood while in the northern city of Chiang Mai, traditional Thai food gives diners an experience to remember, often accompanied by traditional Thai dancing.

For those who prefer to be completely relaxed while on holiday, Thailand’s spas are among the best in the world. Often located within luxury resorts, petal-flavoured tea is served in fragrant rooms. Lie back, listen to ambient sounds and let expert masseuses work their magic.

Before heading home, it’s essential to visit Thailand’s malls and markets, as the range of goods is amazing, from designer clothing to intricate handicrafts. Thailand is home to some of Asia’s biggest malls, from Siam Paragon in Bangkok to Central Festival in Pattaya – the biggest beachfront mall in Southeast Asia. For shopping on the more subtle side, be sure to visit the markets and stores, where lacquer work, silverware, gold, silks and antiques can be found.

Getting around doesn’t have to involve clambering in and out of tuk-tuks and dashing between the traffic. Travel in style by having your very own limousine service, which can come at surprisingly reasonable rates. For the true high-flyers, why not rent your very own private jet or hire a yacht to explore some of Thailand’s more uncharted islands and hideaways.

When it comes to activities, Thailand has the lot. Meditation centres set in thick forests where you can find your inner self, world-class golf courses that will test the very best, exceptional scuba diving to see Thailand’s coral reefs and marine life, or treetop resorts set amid lush national parks, lovers of luxury can take their pick. Thailand may not be renowned for its wine, but in some cooler areas several vineyards now produce fine wines, and it’s possible to spend time sipping and sampling these during a stay.

Thailand has a charm and magic about it that keeps many visitors longer than they anticipated. Much of this is due to its natural wonders, from postcard-perfect white sands to the rolling mountain ranges of the north, this really is a kingdom of contrasts. Explore such areas in style by staying in resorts that are inspired by local architecture and design, from dark wooden beams to ornate carvings. It’s possible to learn more about Thailand’s rich heritage by visiting the modern, interactive museums that house many of the country’s treasures, notably among the temple ruins of Ayuthaya and Sukhothai. Here, it’s possible to learn about how the Kingdom was created and how its unique character came about, resulting in a population that remains proud of its history and yet considerate and welcoming to those who wish to spend time here.

That hospitality remains as warm as ever, so whether you’re spending time in a spa, on a beach or in a forest, make sure you do it in style.

When it comes to picking a destination, almost anywhere in Thailand can offer incredible levels of luxury. Whether you head north to Chiang Mai, south to Phuket or remain in Bangkok, each has its own special character and appeal.

Thailand may be famous for its traffic jams, tuk-tuks and motorbikes, but you can avoid all of those during your trip. Travel in style with your own transport, which offers great value and can save huge amounts of time, ensuring you are able to see all the sights you want to.

A blessing ceremony will be held before the opening match where monks sprinkle holy water monks sprinkle holy water over both players and animals to ensure a successful tournament.

Thai cuisine is renowned for its fiery chilies, fresh herbs and seafood. Spicy, sweet, sour and salt all hold hands to create a fusion of fresh, flavoursome foods. As well as having superb food, Thailand also has superb restaurants.

Shopping, pampering and exploring are high on anyone’s Thailand agenda. It’s possible to do these and a whole lot more during your stay in the kingdom.

You’ll need to pack good walking shoes before you set off for Thailand, as the country has a diverse range of attractions that you’ll want to explore.

Chances are that you will leave Thailand with more bags than you brought in. That is thanks to the abundance of shopping opportunities that arise from a stay in the kingdom.

A little inside knowledge is never a bad thing, and for your trip to Thailand there are a few things worth remembering.