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Romance Shopping

For couples looking to get away, Thailand offers pockets of seclusion.But for many, the allure of bringing back mementos is often too powerful to resist.Thailand is a shopper’s paradise, with establishments large and small catering to both women and men.

You can find anything you need to add an extra touch of romance to your holiday.And if there is one thing that Thai retailers love doing, it is organizing sales all year round, as an extra sweetener for shoppers visiting the Land of Smiles.

The charm of Thai attentiveness and service is the first taste of retail ambrosia.If you are looking for a piece of jewelry to add to the family collection, there are incredible examples of fine craftsmanship available, with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires marketed at prices you would not believe in the West.

For fashion and accessories, of course, Bangkok boasts a collection of some of the finest shopping malls you can find anywhere, though the charm of walking streets and quaint markets still draw the attention of travelers around the world.

Here are but a few of the romantic shopping destinations in Thailand for you to enjoy together.Buy something special for yourself or the one you love while enjoying all that the kingdom of Thailand has to offer.

Of all the things we humans buy that signify romance, jewelry comes first and foremost in most people’s minds.

Very few things in life make a woman feel more desirable than a flattering set of lingerie.

It was the hirsute rock-philosophers ZZ Top who once declared that “every women is looking for a sharp dressed man.

Strolling down one of Thailand’s myriad shopping streets is an experience unto itself.