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We believe that clothes are more than one of Buddhism?s four basic needs. They are not simply something that covers our body but reveals our character and personality. They can reflect your belief and even your desire. Issue's style displays primitive cultures, religion, faith and journeys together parades themselves in works. We truly believe and respect in individualism, diversity and uniqueness of each culture. Consequently, we take pleasure in making clothes that represents individuality as derived from ones experience,

belief, and journey in the optimistic ways. We also love to travel for exploring the exotic cultures; however, since many severe environmental situations are emerging around the world, we revolutionize ourselves into Green Tourists who have a complete environmental awareness. We believe that if everybody tries to

save the world, only small actions of a single individual can create an immense outcome for mankind.

Philosophy :

Our brand embraces the philosophical thinking “Compassion” and “Never Give up”

of Dalai Lama who has always been our inspiration.

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