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18.00 - 22.30

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Monday - Sunday

The restaurant offers northern Indian cuisine, focusing, it says, on "country and rich courtly cooking". This is reflected in the menu by a vast assortment of dishes from the tandoor clay oven and the large traditional handi wok used to cook sauces to perfection. Start with paneer pakora, a lightly fried cottage cheese fritter which makes a mouthwatering appetiser. For an authentic taste of the tandoor, bahra kebab, tender pieces of lamb, is a must. Rogan josh is an excellent traditional sauce-based dish, while tawa jheenga provides a generous and flavourful offering of fresh king prawns cooked in a spicy ginger, onion and coriander sauce. There are a number of traditional Indian desserts, all well worth a try, while pastries and other French desserts can be ordered from Visage, also located in the complex.


Separate bar, cocktail lounge

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