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11.30 - 23.00

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Monday - Sunday

Red brings a new style of Indian cooking to Bangkok. Indian restaurants have become a fixture on the international dining scene in recent years and are found in every major city in the world, including Bangkok. Although initially exciting and different to foreign palates, the restaurants have become almost McDonald’s like in their uniformity. But this is changing.

Interestingly, the changes have not come from outside India, but from within. The first breach in the citadel of conservatism came when it became clear that fresh vegetables were good for you and that the ghee floating on the top of many Indian dishes was an invitation for heart disease. The result was a lighter, fresher style of cooking.
Then as Indians, and Indian chefs in particular, began to travel about the world, they became acquainted with a variety of new ingredients and often incorporated them into their own preparations when they returned home. Items like salmon, pasta and risotto, once rare in India, suddenly started appearing in trendy, upmarket restaurants in Delhi and Mumbai.

Now, Red has now brought these changes and the accompanying excitement to Bangkok. Located in a converted residence in the trendy Thonglor section of town, the restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner seven days a week. Facilities include rooms for private parties and gatherings. If you are looking for fine dining with an Indian twist, think Red.

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